The technology radar presents our “blessed” technologies, and other technologies that may become some of our blessed technologies - and some that we explicitly want to avoid. We call it the Technology Radar like Thoughtworks and other tech companies just for familiarity.

We’re a Javascript-centered company, so our tech is very centered to that ecosystem. We only consider things that are a good fit for the JS ecosystem.

The Four Rings / Levels

Ring / Level Description
Adopt We use these when they are appropriate for the type of the project. We’ve used them extensively and they’ve proven to be very successful choices for the appropriate projects.
Trial Things nearly certain to be worth using at least in the future, and may end up replacing some of our adopted technologies. Can be used in new projects where the risk can be controlled.
Assess Worth exploring with the goal of understanding. Not yet for any customer projects.
Hold Don’t use these. Things we’ve trialed and used, but we would not like to use them in new projects.

The Radar

In actuality, it’s a table, which you can sort and filter.